• Education should not be only a medium of earning, rather it should be inculcating the high values and moral among the children. It should build social responsibility and attitude to serve the life for the cause of empowering the nation. Kakade Group of Institutes are working towards developing youth and young generation from rural areas. We are providing state of art, knowledge and recent development in technology. This will help them to become an ideal and civilized citizens of India.
  • Kakade Group of Institutes is working for giving the right to education for women which is otherwise always denied to women. To empower women in the development of the nation and make them stronger to work with men is our motto. This will make women self –reliant and build respect in society as well as themselves.

Welcome to Kakade Group of Institutes

The Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal, Ahmednagar, Dist. Ahmednagar was established in 1953. This organization is authorized by the Society Registration Act 1860 register number is MH/ E-59/Ahmednagar on date 15/10/1953. It is a leading organization in the field of education in general education. The secretary of the society is Adv. Vidhyadar J. Kakade is a rare visionary, fully devoted for the cause of development of the society by imparting education from pre-primary stage to higher professional education. The innovative intellect in him always perceives to cherish the valued human resources to face challenges in socioeconomic development of our country.

Institute has been working to achieve these goals

  • To established Hostels, High Schools, Colleges, and other educational organization, and develop such organizations
  • To try to issue Govt. facilities to backward class student reserved them.
  • To undertake social reformation work at various levels
  • No involvement of trust in any political party.
  • To make progress of education level in society
  • To provide Higher Technical Education facilities in urban and rural area.